Mercedes Sprinter AMG 9-seater


Mercedes Sprinter AMG 9-seater

Our 9-seater (8 passengers +driver) is a wonderful way to transport a family or bridal party perhaps? to a venue in relaxed style.

Supremely comfortable cream leather seats with armrests, individual drop-down tables and power points await the passengers.

With subtle blue led ambient lighting a widescreen TV and dark tinted windows this is a unique and fun way for your party or family to travel.

A brief history

With its headquarters in Stuttgart Germany, Mercedes Benz can trace its roots back to 1901. The first car to carry the Mercedes Name was the 35 HP which is considered by many to be the first modern automobile.

The German Manufacturers well-known three-pointed star trademark represent land, water and air as the company was seeking to excel in all three areas.

The Sprinter Mini-bus is luxurious and supremely comfortable variant of the ever-popular Mercedes Sprinter. Offered in many different seating configurations and with an impressively long options list it’s the premium mini-bus to have.

Fully tinted windows
Individual Leather seats
Twin entry/exit doors
Seating: 8 passengers