Jaguar XK8 Convertible


Jaguar XK8 Convertible

The XK8 is a beautiful British GT car. Timelessly elegant with classic Jaguar design.

This is a touch more understated than our other cars but definitely none the worse for it.

Brilliant Phoenix Red with contrasting crème leather combine to make this a real head turner.

Roof up or down and with complimentary ribbons if required it’s a relaxed and stylish way to travel.

A brief history

A fine Jaguar motorcar is part of British tradition. Just the mention of the brand evokes images of some of their classics like the E-type and XK120.

Jaguar ‘s business was founded as far back as 1922 and originally manufactured motorcycle sidecars before developing bodies for cars.

Through its long history Jaguar has had many owners and in the late 80’s was acquired by the Ford motor company and it was as part of the Ford Premier Automotive Group that it developed and began production of the XK8.

Hitting the roads in 1996 it had typical Jaguar lines and superb Grand Touring ability making it a pleasure to drive over long distances. The Xk8’s interior isn’t manufactured its crafted and delivers a real sense of occasion, the car exudes charisma and is a true modern classic.

Engine: 4 litre V8
Power: 290 hp
Torque: 394 ft-lbs
0-62 mph: 7 seconds
Top speed: 155 mph
Seating: 2+2